Wan-Ping Hu

Associate Professor
Research Interests:

New drug discovery
Anticancer research and mechanism
Photosensitizing agent discovery and application

e-mail: wphu@kmu.edu.tw


Chi-Huei Wang

Associate Professor
Research Interests:
Cancer drug discovery
Molecular carcinogenesis of prostate cancer
DNA repair and cell cycle control
Molecular pathway of adipogenesis


Bing-Hung Chen

Associate Professor
Research Interests:
Controlling mechanisms underlying allergic and non-allergic inflammation.
Screening and development of anti-allergic and anti-inflammation regimens.
Genomic and proteomic studies on signal transduction of leukocytes.

Design and development of recombinant protein with medicinal potential.

e-mail: bhchen@kmu.edu.tw


Jin-Ching Lee 

Research Interests:

Drug development and mechanism studies of anti-hepatitis C virus and anti-dengue virus from natural products or small molecules. Development of drug screening system targeting viral internal ribosomal entry site (IRES), viral protease, or viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. In addition, comprehensive investigation of the molecular mechanism of antiviral drug using pharmacoproteomic or pharmacogenomic approach.

e-mail: jclee@kmu.edu.tw


Jeff Yi-Fu Chen


Research Interests:
The molecular mechanism of drug resistance in oral cancer.
The molecular mechanism of betel quid-induced oral carcinogenesis.
The molecular mechanism of betel quid addiction and development of chemoprevention in oral cancer.



Chien-Chih Chiu(Chairman)

Research Interests:
Investigation and applications in anticancer drug screening.

The modulation of mRNA exporting in tumorigenesis

Anti-cancer drugs screening using zebrafish models.

e-mail: cchiu@kmu.edu.tw


Ying-Ting Lin

Associate Professor

Research Interests:

Structural bioinformatics
Computational medicinal chemistry
Computational biochemistry
Computer Drug Virtual Screening

e-mail: ytlin@kmu.edu.tw


Wei-Ting Liao

Associate Professor
Research Interests:
Chemical carcinogenesis
Tumor immunity
Tissue engineering
Macrophage polarization

e-mail: wtliao@kmu.edu.tw


Shih-Shin Liang

Research Interests:
Liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry
Polymer and nanocomposites


Wangta Liu

Associate Professor
Research Interests:

Zebrafish as model in biomedical research

e-mail: liuwangta@kmu.edu.tw


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